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The Booklet: "Journeys With Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy" (published in larger print for readability).

The booklet contains stories from several members, including the founder, Dorothy Acton. Her story traces 25 years of a typical progression of Fuchs' Dystrophy, its symptoms, some coping tips, and a chronology of her healing following a standard full-thickness transplant. Reasonably useful vision was achieved 6-8 months after transplant. The history and explanation of the disease is covered.

Newer, easier treatments since 2000 are also covered in other stories in the booklet.

Dorothy tells the history of a support group called Fuchs' Friends. Any person with Fuchs', or who has a loved one with Fuchs', or any member of the medical community who treats Fuchs' patients is welcome to request to join Fuchs' Friends.

Proceeds from sale of this booklet go to The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation, a direct outgrowth of Fuchs' Friends.

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